I. Build A Metatheory Protocol

A metapractical protocol and technology for social action
The Institute is the first partner-customer of a new software platform being developed that hopes to translate metatheories into the practical, epistemological distinctions that sit at their core and generate their key, unique insights. The list of metatheories that are being implemented in the IAM protocol is always growing, but as an example of metatheories that are candidates the metatheory team is reviewing include: Integrative Metatheories
  • Critical Realism
  • Integral Philosophy
  • Complex Integral Realism
  • Complex Thought
Other Metatheories
  • Modes of Existence
  • Unified Theory of Knowledge
  • Cosmotheandrism
  • Pattern Dynamics
  • Metaxology
  • Integral Grammatology
  • Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe
  • Metaphysics of Quality
  • New Dialectics
  • Transdisciplinarity