I. Build A Metatheory Protocol

Addressing social sensemaking and action fragmentation through an integrative epistemological protocol and associated AI-augmented cognitive technology
Problem Statement: In contemporary society, social fragmentation has emerged as a critical challenge, manifesting in the breakdown of shared understandings, collective sensemaking, and consensual reality. This fragmentation is exacerbated by postmodern semiotics and the proliferation of infinitely-flat informational networks that dilute meaning and disrupt coherent collective narratives. The result is a landscape characterized by confusion, discord, and an inability to address complex societal issues effectively, even amongst and within communities of cognitive elites.
The Role of Protocols: Protocols serve as structured frameworks that facilitate communication and interaction within specific contexts. By defining a set of rules and standards for information transmission, including informational formatting, signaling, error handling, and routing, protocols ensure that disparate interpreters can communicate effectively. In the realm of social interaction and knowledge exchange, the Institute believes that a well-designed protocol can help navigate the challenges of information overload and meaning degradation, fostering a more integrated and coherent collective understanding.
Primitives within Protocols: Primitives are the fundamental operations or functions that underpin a protocol, serving as the building blocks for more complex processes. In communication and computational systems, these primitives enable standardized actions such as encryption, sending, receiving, and connecting. By simplifying operations into elemental actions, protocols can facilitate complex interactions in a consistent and interoperable manner, ensuring clarity and efficiency across diverse systems.
Towards an Epistemological Protocol: In response to the challenge of social fragmentation, we propose the development of an epistemological protocol that leverages the concept of primitives as lenses—irreducible constructs of perspective taking. This protocol aims to reintegrate and recohere collective sensemaking by providing a structured framework for engaging with information and constructing knowledge. Each primitive, or lens, offers a unique perspective for interpreting the world, including empirical, rational, phenomenological, narrative, systems, ethical, cultural, historical and other viewpoints.
Strategy and Solution: The Institute is the first partner-customer of a new software platform being developed that hopes to translate metatheories into the practical, epistemological distinctions that sit at their core and generate their key, unique insights. Our strategy involves creating an integral semiotic protocol that incorporates these epistemological primitives to facilitate a multifaceted approach to understanding complex realities. By employing a combination of lenses, individuals and groups can navigate information landscapes with greater depth, nuance, and coherence. This protocol aims to counteract the flattening effects of postmodern information networks, fostering a richer, more interconnected sense of collective meaning within a small group of elite sensemaking networks. Through structured dialogue, shared exploration, and the synergistic combination of diverse perspectives, this epistemological protocol seeks to support these organizations and groups to overcome social fragmentation, enabling a more unified and effective approach to addressing global challenges.
In conclusion, by harnessing the power of an epistemological protocol grounded in the strategic use of primitives as lenses for perspective taking, we can address the pressing issue of social fragmentation. This initiative represents a forward-thinking approach to reweaving the collective narrative, promoting understanding, and facilitating consensus in an increasingly complex and divided world.
The list of metatheories that are being implemented in the IAM protocol is always growing, but the Institute aims to generate a "Complex Integral Realism" as an overarching umbrella that could include contributions from candidates such as: Integrative Metatheories
  • Critical Realism
  • Integral Philosophy
  • Complex Thought
Other Metatheories
  • Modes of Existence
  • Unified Theory of Knowledge
  • Cosmotheandrism
  • Pattern Dynamics
  • Metaxology
  • Integral Grammatology
  • Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe
  • Metaphysics of Quality
  • New Dialectics
  • Transdisciplinarity